Hello all here for the first time I wanted to share goals and story for Toon Zombie. 

Story- You are a lone zombie that escaped the kings captures now on a mission to save your zombie friends. The king is using them for sprot in the gladiator arena and its up to you to stop him. 

Gameplay- As you will notice in testing world gameplay will be basic combat, simple AI and gathering of blood and brains by feeding on the corpses. Your brain meter is connected to your lives so if you lose all brain meter you die and lose a life, lose all lives and game over. Now blood meter is different once it drops below half way your brain meter will start draining, to stop this you must refill blood meter by using blood gained from eating corpses. Feeding on corpses gives you either brain or blood if you get a brain the body will vanish, use attacks, kick, and special area attacks to take out enemies and save your friends. 


Toon Zombie
Jan 13, 2018

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