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Hell is on earth! A gateway from hell has opened killing off 90% of humanity and forced to walk the earth, the others like me have found a way to harness hell's wraith and summon different wraith abilities. Its up to you to survive and stop this nightmare, how long will you survive.


Welcome to my testing grounds! This project is being created in Unreal Engine 4 using very basic assets and very minimal gameplay right now.

Current Features

Fight the dead with different spells, level up to gain new powers, eat and drink to stay alive but watch out if you get infected you'll lose condition so stay by the campfire when that happens.

Changed and added alot which changes combat and feels alot better. Please goto main site listed below to see News.

Starting off: To the right of where you spawn is a basic starter kit containing a Pistol,Ammo, Bat, Piece o Meat, Can o Beans, 4 Water Bottles and a Health Kit. When you get infected or attacked by a Zed you will lose condition which the campfire you spawn by will recover lost condition when stood by (The yellow brain in Hud). The Pistol has ammo which can be seen by pressing B key, once your level 3 drop the gun with Tab key and pick it back up. Now you can use your powers or just equip weapon once again by going into inventory and clicking on pistol then click on equip button. Working on a better way to use these features.


W/A/S/D = Walk and Strife

Mouse = Look Up/Down/Left/Right

I = Inventory (If you exit inventory and get stuck press left click on screen)

Left Shift = When held sprint, drains stamina

Q = When held while sprinting you drain mana and double max run speed. Must be level 4 to enable Mana Sprint

Spacebar = Jump, drains stamina

Left CTRL = Toggles drains stamina, for future AI system

E = Interact, pickup, search

F = Toggles flashlight on/off set intensity when battery drains to low flashlight dims.

Left Mouse Button Click = Cast magic abilities which does damage and drains mana, fire weapon

P = Pause Menu - Pause, Quit, Video options

B = Level, EXP, Ammo Pool Hud

Tab = Drop Weapon

Right Click = Zoom with Weapon

R = Reload

U = Toggles crafting Hud (Not yet working)

C = Kick - This is a basic attack

Middle Mouse Button = Pistol Whip - Pistol must be equipped

Mouse Scroll Up&Down = Power Ability Switch ( Levels 3+ Fireball - Levels 5+ Life Drain - Levels 8+ Heal ) Must be appropriate levels to switch powers. Icons appear on bottom left.

Note: If trying to heal you must first use Life Drain first to Leech life from Zed then you have 30 seconds to use heal for a small amount of health. Ammo added now spawn in world, each case has different amounts of ammo, Only pistol ammo exists as of now.

Updated January-4-2015

For more details please see website


Due to changing engines and non working functions I had to stop progress on further updates, I was no longer able to package project and the whole thing became a mess. So with that being said I started a new project and been getting alot better at scripting and have a new project coming complete with building, questing, fully functioning drag and drop inventories, storage's and much more. This game I hope to be a RPG, Crafting, Building game where you stay in or out of town, build your own home while venturing into dangerous dungeons to collect loot, gold and materials to complete quests and build your own village. That is the basic principle behind the game, hopefully the questing system will be done by the end of next week so I can add first quest and give a small preview, hope to see you there.


Note: Also this is not a game just my own testing project and any assets or tutorials used are not credited yet. Any questions or comments please feel free and pm me. Donations are greatly appreciated and go towards Assets, content, and anything I can get to improve gameplay

Install instructions

Just go to link choose download file zip. Extract and launch exe file and enjoy!


Windows 64 bit
Windows 32 bit